British Airways’ new advert provides a perfect metaphor for corporate communication. We know – we got there first!


  It seems like the idea is finally getting through. After banging the drum for the humble stick of rock as the perfect metaphor for how businesses should think and communicate, it appears the people at British Airways have caught on.   Their new print advertising features a stick of rock, liveried in company colours, bearing the company crest and its founding motto: To Fly To Serve. The curt and…

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An Apple a day keeps the brand doctor away: integrated marketing communication at its best

Great brand and reputation building communication

I love all things Apple. Always have. My first business, set up in the late 90s, depended on Steve Jobs’ early empire. With PCs, you had to rely on a technician to build your network. If anything went wrong, you had to wait for them to come back and fix it. With Apple, you could do it all yourself.   I still keep those old Macs and among the working…

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Real-time PR: in just five words?

Philip Sheldrake: A tour de force in the world of public relations

Philip Sheldrake is something of a tour de force in the world of public relations. He set up and sold hot tech outfit Fuse PR, is a founding partner of Influence Crowd and venture marketers Meanwhile, has just finished his own book ‘The Business of Influence – Transforming Marketing and PR in the Digital Age’ and has re-enlivened life at the CIPR – to name but a few of his achievements….

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A reputation and communication consultancy by any other name

Stick of Rock - building reputation through effective communication

Welcome to the Stick of Rock website.  Stick of Rock?, we hear you say. Odd name for a consultancy which promises to ‘build reputation through effective communication’.   Well yes, it is different. But that’s the point.   One of the key pillars of building reputation is to be distinctive[1]. There isn’t much point in investing time and effort in making a great reputation for yourself if people can’t remember…

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