Excellent public relations?

David Cameron

The Government has fared particularly badly with its Public Relations this week. PR is often confused by people outside the industry with media coverage.     This is hardly surprising as many of the people within industry confuse it with media coverage too. Many companies call themselves PR agencies when it fact they deal solely with media relations.   Public relations in its pure form is to do with building…

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Reputation Management – reputation management my arse!

Reputation Management - reputation management my arse!

Every Friday, PR Week drops through the letterbox. And each week the twinge of excitement at the prospect of industry news is met by the twang of irritation at the magazine’s insistence on using the tagline: “’For professional communicators and reputation managers.”     Professional communicators? Undoubtedly. But reputation managers?   Writing a thought piece for The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), entitled the Importance of Reputation Management, Magnus…

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Real-time PR: in just five words?

Philip Sheldrake: A tour de force in the world of public relations

Philip Sheldrake is something of a tour de force in the world of public relations. He set up and sold hot tech outfit Fuse PR, is a founding partner of Influence Crowd and venture marketers Meanwhile, has just finished his own book ‘The Business of Influence – Transforming Marketing and PR in the Digital Age’ and has re-enlivened life at the CIPR – to name but a few of his achievements….

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