Excellent public relations?

David Cameron

The Government has fared particularly badly with its Public Relations this week. PR is often confused by people outside the industry with media coverage.     This is hardly surprising as many of the people within industry confuse it with media coverage too. Many companies call themselves PR agencies when it fact they deal solely with media relations.   Public relations in its pure form is to do with building…

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British Airways’ new advert provides a perfect metaphor for corporate communication. We know – we got there first!


  It seems like the idea is finally getting through. After banging the drum for the humble stick of rock as the perfect metaphor for how businesses should think and communicate, it appears the people at British Airways have caught on.   Their new print advertising features a stick of rock, liveried in company colours, bearing the company crest and its founding motto: To Fly To Serve. The curt and…

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An Apple a day keeps the brand doctor away: integrated marketing communication at its best

Great brand and reputation building communication

I love all things Apple. Always have. My first business, set up in the late 90s, depended on Steve Jobs’ early empire. With PCs, you had to rely on a technician to build your network. If anything went wrong, you had to wait for them to come back and fix it. With Apple, you could do it all yourself.   I still keep those old Macs and among the working…

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One of the great communication myths unravelled

PT Barnum

  Three American academics recently completed an interesting study into the effects of negative publicity, effectively testing the adage that: “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”   The trio, who represent such august institutions as The Wharton School and Stanford Graduate School of Business, suggest that ‘because negative publicity can increase product awareness and accessibility, it can sometimes have a positive influence on product choice sales.’   At…

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